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Circular No. C 131 Date: -10-05-2012


The Minimum Wages in the Province of Sindh


1-            Vide Notification dated 15-11-2010 published in the Sindh Govt. Gazette, Extraordinary dated 30-12-2010 from pages 512 to 514, Minimum Wages of unskilled workers in 40 industries given therein at the rate of Rs. 7000/= p.m. or Rs. 269.23 per day based on overage 26 days work in a month and 8 hours daily work or 48 hour of work in a week inclusive of basic wages and all other regular allowances inclusive of statutory cost of living allowances and Sindh Special allowances have been fixed w.e.f. 01-07-2010 under the Minimum Wages Ordinance, 1961 which has been explained in our Circular No. C 124 dated 27-11-2010.

2-            With it by another Notification dated 15-11-2010 the Sindh Govt. has also fixed minimum wages in the 40 industries published in the Sindh Govt. Gazette Extraordinary dated 30-12-2010 from pages 514 to 580 in which the minimum wage of higher categories of employees at different rates showing both monthly rates and daily rates of wages on overage 26 days work in a month, 8 hours daily work or 48 hours work in a week inclusive of basic salary and all other regular allowances have also been fixed.

3-            Wages of any employee getting wages above the minimum wage rate fixed shall not be reduced as several categories of employees may already be paid higher wages. The wages rates of male and female employees are the same. It also applies to probationary, temporary and piece rated workers.

4-            Any other facilities allowed to the employees shall not be withdrawn, reduced or discontinued.

5-            Wage differential due to experience and efficiency and the categories / designations not given therein have been left to be fixed by the employer.

6-            The definition of worker given in Section 2(9) of the Ordinance include all types of employees including intellectual and technical employees though all are termed as worker under the Ordinance.

7-            The definition of wages given in Section 2(8) of the Ordinance includes all remuneration capable of being expressed in terms of money excluding contribution to Social Security (EOB), pension fund, provident fund, trending allowance / concession, annual bonus, gratuity or any sum paid to defray special expenses incurred by employee. Overtime payable to any worker would be separate and in addition to the minimum wage fixed.

8-            Again provision that establishment registered under any law shall pay wages through cross cheque/bank transfer would create difficulty and confusion.

9-            The Minimum Wages Ordinance, 1961 alongwith the above notifications have now been published in a book shape by the Ideal Publishers which may obtained and carefully perused and in case of any difficulty you may consult your labour laws consultant.