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                Circular No. C-141                                                                                                                                                              Date : 30-7-2013


Minimum Wages of Rs. 10,000/= p.m of the

Unskilled Workers declared by the K.P Govt.


1-    By the K.P Govt. Gazette Extraordinary dated 16-7-2013 the K.P. Govt. has fixed Rs. 10,000/= p.m. wage of the unskilled workers w.e.f.  1-7-2013 under the K.P. Minimum Wages Act, 2013.

2-    The wages of apprentices shall be regulated according to the Apprenticeship Ordinance, 1962.

3-    This wage fixed is on the basis of daily 8 hours of work and on average 26 days work in a month.

4-    The wages of piece rated workers may be so revised that they are paid not less than this minimum wage.

5-    Naturally the wages of semi-skilled and skilled workers have to be fixed higher than Rs. 10,000/= p.m.

6-    This is the Minimum Wage of Unskilled workers and if any unskilled worker is paid above this minimum wage, his wage cannot be reduced.

7-    This minimum wage is applicable to all categories of employees who may be daily rated, monthly rated, piece rated, Contract Workers or temporary workers.

8-    Other facilities such as house rent allowance or free house, electricity, water, conveyance, free medical aid, gratuity, bonus, pension, form of any insurance, provident  fund, recreation, subsidized food, education, holidays and leave with pay, attendance allowance and any other benefit already provided by the employer in addition to this Minimum Wage shall be continue to be provided by the employer. However convince allowance and attendance allowances paid on monthly basis have been wrongly excluded for the purpose of this wage.  This would make the minimum wages very high which not only small establishments but even larger establishments cannot afford to pay.

9-    This Minimum Wage fixed is not realistic and practical in the present conditions of Pakistan and large number of employers would not be able to afford and implement this Minimum Wage.

10-     For other details our earlier comments given in our Circulars on the subject on our web site may be perused.