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Piece Meal and Retainer/Permanent 

arrangement of our Professional Services


A- Piece Meal:

Our professional services/advises - both oral and written, may be obtained on piece meal/on specific problem-wise basis on payment of our professional fee for every such advise/consultation.


B- Permanent arrangement:

Our professional services are obtained by establishments mostly on retainership/permanent basis on payment of Retainer fee to us whom many organisations prefer.


i-    The Retainership includes all oral and written advises and consultations in our Chambers on various matters. It also includes drafting of letters/replies, show cause notices, charge sheets, enquiry letters, disciplinary action letters and other such drafts and letters and vetting of the same. Such advice/consultation may be on various other related matters related to the personnel, labour and industrial relations not specified here. No separate fee is charged for the same as all these are included in the Retainership Agreement for which Retainer Fee is paid to us. There is no limit on frequency of consulting us which may be on telephone, Fax, E-mail or by personal visit to our chambers depending upon the nature of the problem.

ii-    It does not include drafting of Service Rules, P.F. Rules, Manuals, etc. for which separate fee is charged.

iii-    The Professional fee charged is on monthly basis which may be paid monthly, quarterly or on yearly basis as may be mutual agreed upon.

iv-    The Retainership is for a minimum period of one year and thereafter it continues till either party terminates the same by giving three months written notice or payment in lieu thereof to enable both sides to make their alternate arrangements.

v-    Please note that our Retainership Agreement is as the Management Consultants and Industrial Relations Advisers and the same shall not be construed as Legal Adviser of the Co. or appointment as Legal Adviser under the law.

C- Fee for conducting Court Cases:

Professional fee is charged by us for conducting Court cases on case to case basis irrespective of Retainership Agreement for conducting cases and appeals under the Payment of Wages Act, 1936, the Workmen's Compensation Act, 1923, Group Insurance, Social Security and Employees Old Age Benefits, cases in the Labour Courts, Labour Appellate Tribunals, NIRC, High Courts and the Supreme Court. All expenses are to be borne by the clients in conducting outstation cases. Miscellaneous court expenses are borne by the clients. The fee charged by us depends upon the Court/forum and the nature of the case.