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From:    Sohail

To:        Sarhad Chamber of Commerce & Industry


Subject: Reference your Letter No. 18338-43/SC/MISC and 18334-37/SC/EOBI

Date:    11/07/04 21:41




I have gone through Circular No. C-98 and C-99 from the Originator M/s. S.M. Yaqoob.


I feel that his contentions and analysis of the situation is correct.


However, I feel that even if the rationale of the amendments are not convincing for the stakeholders, the changes may not be brought so abruptly.


One of the major causes of poor performance and non-compliance of any law is its quick change and amendment. The stakeholders seem to loose TRUST in things which are not sure to be permanent.


This is for record and onward transmission, if deem appropriate.



Mir Sohail Hashmat

Member, Executive Committee,

Sarhad Chamber of Commerce & Industry